Coffee Machine Rentals

Which coffee machines can be rented?

Heavenly Coffees offer rentals on commercial size coffee machines. This would be from the Jura WE8 upwards and all commercial Espresso Machines.

How do rentals work?

Rentals are financed through a 3rd party finance institution. We currently have arrangements with Merchant West and Sunlyn (A Division of Sasfin Bank)

Rental agreements typically run over 36 months. In some cases rent to own options are available. 

NB: A Rental agreement does not automatically include a maintenance contract. Maintenance contracts are available as an option and will be a contract between Heavenly Coffee Trading (Pty)Ltd t/a Heavenly Coffees and the customer. 

Who are rental contracts for?

It is very important to note that a rental contract is subject to a normal bank approval process. Rentals are ideal for businesses that do not want to invest their money in capital equipment but are in good financial standing. In other words if you are not in the  financial position to buy a machine it is unlikely that the rental application will be approved. If your business is a start-up it maybe possible to do the rental in your personal capacity on condition that your personal financial situation is in line with the finance institution's requirements.


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