Jura Coffee Machines - The E6 or the E8?

Jura Coffee Machines - The E6 or the E8?

If you're thinking about getting yourself a stylish new coffee machine and decided on the Jura brand - you've made an excellent choice.

Jura coffee machines are renowned in the coffee world and have an impeccable reputation as one of the best coffee machine manufacturers globally and in South Africa.

The trust in their product comes from years of delivering the finest coffee machines and keeping up with the times and trends. 

You may already know and love the Jura brand and want your own coffee machine for the house. Now you're faced with the choice: The Jura E6 or the Jura E8? 

Since coffee is our love language and coffee machines help make the magic happen, we've compiled some information to help make this critical decision.

The Jura E6 Coffee Machine

Jura E6

The Jura E6 is a simple yet intuitive automatic coffee machine designed and brought to life by Jura. You will not go wrong with this coffee machine if you love making barista-standard espressos and cappuccinos in the comfort of your own home.

The Jura E6 is capable of brewing and steaming all the espresso standards with the press of a button.


Jura is constantly revolutionising the enjoyment of coffee in every aspect, and the E6 is no different.

The secret to exceptional coffee lies in the preparation. Jura has perfected the espresso brewing process, allowing the E6 to make speciality coffees to professional barista standards. Their latest technology ensures the Jura grinds the coffee beans quickly yet gently to preserve the aroma. 

The E6 has an excellent aesthetic appeal, and you can play around and create a fantastic variety of world-class coffees. 

Not only can you create all the coffee classics and speciality coffees finished with milk foam, but the Jura E6 also has four additional highlights: 

  • Caffè Barista

  • Lungo Barista

  • Espresso doppio

  • Macchiato


  • 11 Pre-programmed selections

  • 8 Coffee Strengths

  • Fully programmable to your taste

  • Aroma G3+ Grinder

  • Intelligent Water System

  • 2 Temperature settings

  • TFT Colour Display

  • Automatic cleaning cycles

  • 1.9litre Water Tank

  • 280g bean Hopper

  • Height Adjustable Spout

Jura E8

Jura E8

The Jura E8 delivers exceptional quality coffee at the touch of a button - this coffee machine is the perfect combination of pleasure, versatility and luxury.

The latest generation of Jura's most successful coffee machine model boasts a reinterpreted design and a range of benefits previously found only in the premium class.


The Jura E8 is Jura's most successful model ever and now comes with several improvements. The new professional grinder is super quiet and allows improved extraction (12% better), resulting in better flavour. The customer interface is now even easier to use, and the drip tray is easier to clean with less chance of spilling.

It also offers new beverage options, including delicious Cafe Barista and Barista Lungo options and a Cortado. The machine also allows you to add an extra espresso to milk-based coffees while brewing.


  1. 17 Pre-programmed selections

  2. 10 Coffee Strengths

  3. 3 Brewing temperature levels

  4. Fully programmable to your taste

  5. Aroma G3+ Grinder

  6. Intelligent Water System

  7. 2 Temperature settings

  8. TFT Colour Display

  9. Automatic cleaning cycles

  10. 1.9litre Water Tank

  11. 280g bean Hopper

  12. Height Adjustable Spout

  13. Wi-Fi or Blue ToothConnection optional

Choosing the right Jura for your needs

Consider the costs

You know you've chosen quality if you get a Jura automatic coffee machine. These are one of the best automatic coffee makers in the world and of all time, and they're designed with innovation to produce the best coffee. Like all Jura espresso machines, these two have excellent functions and advanced features.

  • The Jura E6 will typically cost you around R20 000

  • The E8 is slightly more expensive and will cost you about R25 000

Variety of drinks

Do you prefer a wide variety of coffee options when making the perfect cup for you and your family? 

If yes, you might like the Jura E8, as it has 17 pre-programmed coffee selections and ten coffee strengths. Adjusting these pre-programmed settings according to your taste is also fully programmable.

In comparison, the E6 has 11 pre-programmed selections and eight coffee strengths to select. However, it's also fully programmable to your taste.

Frequency of use

It's wise to consider the frequency you will use the coffee machine and the number of users. Is it only for yourself, and you drink 2 cups a day? The Jura E6 will be more than sufficient.

Do you make coffee for the entire family a few times a day? The E8 might be better suited to your needs.

The E6 has a smaller water tank capacity, which can be frustrating when making several cups of coffee.

Do you take your coffee with milk?

The Jura E8 has the upper hand because of its single-touch cappuccino system. This setting dispenses coffee and froth milk via two separate spouts. 

Similarities between Jura E6 vs E8

If we take into consideration that both of these fantastic coffee machines come from the same trusted brand, we shouldn't be surprised that they have a lot of things in common. 

For instance, there are numerous shared features regarding drinks options, design, materials used, etc. 

  • The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®)

The Jura E6 and the Jura E8 have the same Pulse Extraction Process tech, which makes these machines unique. Jura developed this feature, which optimises the extraction time and guarantees the best aroma for short speciality coffees. This process allows the flavours of the coffee to develop fully.

  • Aesthetic and user-friendly

Design-wise, both models have similarities. Their build and design are sleek and modern, and they're both also built for user-friendliness and ease of use.

  • Jura SmartConnect

Both brewers have the Jura SmartConnect, which allows you to control your espresso machine by using a tablet or a smartphone. You can wirelessly operate them because they are compatible with devices using a Bluetooth connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Jura coffee machine?

The most popular Jura espresso machine is the Jura E8. It has excellent features and can make a great variety of coffee and other warm drinks.

Does Jura make good coffee?

Jura machines make perfect espresso and coffee.

How often should I clean my Jura coffee machine?

Your espresso machine should prompt you to do it. It is usually every 1-2 months or every 50 litres of water used.

Where is Jura made?

Jura is a Swiss brand founded in 1931. Jura machines are manufactured in Switzerland (in Romanshorn).

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